November 24, 2009

Yolanda Christian

September 2016

back cover  for The Girl in  Peckham & Kowloon 

The Girl in Peckham & Kowloon
Author event on Thursday 3rd November 2016 at Camberwell Library at 6.30pm. 48 Camberwell Green, London SE5 7AL. To ensure a place, email:

The novel is about a young woman of English and Macanese * blood, who goes to Los Angeles and China looking for answers. It combines the irreverence of magical realism, the gravity of historical reference with the psychology of a young artist . . .  
'She often dreamt she was black, or her mother was a deep black, and the whitest of white skin she’d been born with always surprised her.'
* Macau, south China

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Praise for 'The Girl in Peckham & Kowloon':

“After the end of Portuguese Macau all the memories start fading and each time an old person dies is a moment of no return. That’s why your interpretation is so valid and useful.”
Dr. Jorge Forjaz, author of Familias Macaenses

Longlisted by the Mslexia Novel competition

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Yolanda Christian has really captured the sense of time and place in Peckham and south east London in this book. It her writing she gives great insight to a girl's life moving to the big city, leaving behind an unusual childhood in order to pursue her dream as an artist. Beginning in the 80's when it was still difficult for women to assert themselves in what was mostly seen as a man's world, It is both funny and sad, when reading of the situations that this young girl finds herself in and how she moves on from one encounter to another, always searching for something positive.. Then her journey to China to discover her Chinese roots, and hopefully explain why she feels different to others, is also moving and charming! This book is easy to read, the descriptions of Peckham and Kowloon make you feel that you are there in her shoes. I would thoroughly recommend this book.

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