November 24, 2018

Yolanda Christian


29 October 2021

A recently published essay with illustrations, following my legal triumph versus an Ombudsman in the UK county court. The essay explores real examples of "unconscious bias" towards the litigant in person in the court. It demands answers, so watch this space!



The Happy Sunbird is about ancestral roots, heroes, real and imagined, and a world, where man’s fate hangs in the balance. Life is but a series of adversity and struggle, in which Jolienta dos Remédios finds herself with a decision to make.

15 May 2021

Climate art for sale to help climate lawyers and activists here.


15 February 2021

Fancy sending Jo Biden an email? See template below. Could make a massive difference.
A SMALL REQUEST to save the planet & honour Covid-19 victims:
Dear President Biden,
Congratulations on your presidency.
My small request is---for one day only---to close down US airports on August 19, National Aviation Day as a tribute to Covid-19 victims and their families.
With your influence, the whole world would follow.
Based on 2018 figures available at, 2,452,054.8 tonnes of carbon emissions would be saved in that 1 day if the whole world participated.
This would be a wonderful opportunity to enhance global co-operation. The possibilities are endless too . . . Imagine a world with airports closed once a month and the shift in attitude towards using less transport all over the world?
Yours sincerely


15 February 2021

A must-read . . .

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change by Nathaniel Rich

A short, fast-paced book based on a reality that affects every living creature, including us.

‘Losing Earth’ documents and brings to life the discoveries, monitoring of and attempts by US scientists on carbon emissions during the period 1979 to 1989. Scientists such as US Nasa man—JAMES HANSEN—who sometimes felt compelled to bypass Whitehouse censorship during climate change hearings so that he could TELL THE TRUTH. Ultimately, this Nasa man was prepared to be arrested.

As Editor Jake Silverstein writes: “It will come as a revelation to many readers—an agonizing revelation— to understand how thoroughly (US scientists) grasped the problem and how close they came to solving it.” 

It seems nothing was done because of the politicians and now we’re talking about damage limitation . . . playing with people’s lives and habitats . . . while the politicians play catch-up.


2 January 2021
Here's hoping for a healthier world all round . . . just wanted to remember some of our heroes, today ...

5 August 2020

Trial Bundle: If you are about to go to trial in the county court, which involves compiling a trial bundle, this publication is a must-have. Click on the book cover to be linked to the Kindle edition. You can also contact me on Facebook for a free PDF of this booklet. At 40 pages, I didn't think it justified a paperback version and, if you can, download the Kindle app to your PC or Mac, which will give you a better experience. Don't use Kindle Cloud, which is not the right app.

4 August 2020

Case Summary & Skeleton Argument: anyone interested in this legal DIY book, please note, I need to update the pro bono services section. Fortunately, it's still a must-have for the lonely litigant-in-person in the county court and sets out a strategy for preparing and filing these 2 documents and while you may have little legal know-how. The book also reveals the mischief created by the other party's legal representatives and court mal-administration.


31 July 2020

Some research for The Happy Sunbird:

The works of Han Suyin

The Times Concise History of the World

The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan

Eastern Fortress: A military history of Hong Kong 1840—1970, Kwong Chi Man and Tsio Yiu Lum

Empire of the Sun, film based on semi-autobiography of J.G. Ballard

Woman Warrior, Maxine Hong Kingston

Sweet and Sour, Timothy Mo

Wild Swans, Jung Chang

Nobel House, James Clavell

City of Broken Promises, Austin Coates

Macanese Patois, Frederico de Silva

Contributors to Facebook Hong Kong dedicated groups

The Way It Was, Horatio Ozorio

A quotation from Elisabeth Kȕbler-Ross, adapted

Freddie Hyndman, a cousin, now longer with us

The Tamarind Book of Lithography, Art & Techniques

Charting the Vast Pacific, John Gilbert, Reader's Digest, Discovery & Exploration

City of War, film based on the true story of John Rabe, written and directed by Florian Gallenberger

Streets: Exploring Kowloon, Jason Wordie

30 July 2020

I'm finally on the last draft! Watch this space . . .