November 24, 2009

Yolanda Christian

Welcome to my published work, and… 52:loves, an international collection of short stories & poems. 

No matter which country, or what genre, we’re united in our creativity, and write to you about Love.

We are from Austria, Australia, China, France, Germany, [Guyana], India, Ireland, Spain, the UK, the USA, and Zimbabwe. Most of us are published writers, who work as editors, storytellers, teachers, and so on. 

52:loves can be downloaded by clicking on the cover. We'd love to know what you think of the Collection.

Our Guest Writers are:

David T.K. Wong, originally from China, now lives in Malaysia. His contribution, The Revolt of Grass, is set in China and is a shocking tale about one man's sense of dignity. Definitely worth a read. See more of David's work on: -- the site is still under construction, and there is a link to Amnesty International.

Cherry Smyth, originally from Ireland, lives in London where she teaches poetry and works as an art critic and curator. She has contributed three beautiful poems: Building, Summer Trilogy, and Love's Double.

Gerard Guix is a prolific Spanish novelist and playwright, who lives and works in Barcelona. Richard de tercer, his latest play, is premiered in 2015. His contribution to the Collection is a short story called Another Closed Door, which was translated by Mara Lethem. Catch him on Twitter @GGuix.

The final Guest Writer to join us, Sandra A. Agard, is of Guyanese descent. S
he too has a huge amount of experience in the literary world, and works as a literature development officer in London. Sandra has written a tender poem called Then and Now -- a dedication to her mother.

Yolanda Christian, the Editor | Organiser


  1. '52:loves' an ambitious international collection of short stories and poems is now available on Amazon, and while I beaver towards the hardcopy version, I thought I would add some information about our Guest Writers, and cast an eye on the other contributors of the Collection. I'm looking forward to doing this...

  2. One of our writer|poets, Ndaba Sibanda, has just been interviewed by the high-profile 'Standard' of Zimbabwe. He is such a nice man and a passionate writer.

  3. As everyone in the Collection knows -- poetry is not my favourite thing -- but since I took on '52:loves', I've been mesmerised by the poets. In terms of quality, in my humble eyes anyway, you can't separate them.

    Right now though, I want to briefly mention the exceptional Charlotte Stirling. In fact, I'm going to read her novel, 'Blood on a Banana Leaf' as soon as possible. Just one thing…

    Charlotte, where is it? Now, I know you've just had a baby...

  4. David Wong is one of a rare breed. He has led a busy and successful professional life, continues to fund an annual creative writing fellowship at East Anglia University, and is currently hammering away at his memoirs, due to be published in Singapore.

    He lives in Malaysia, a place that's on my list of 'to do's. [Malacca was part of the Portuguese spice trail of the 1500s -- one of my personal interests]. I'd love to meet him, but I suspect he's way too busy for the likes of me… I can tell you though that his emails always carry across a warmth and sense of helpfulness.

    Anyone heading towards his website [under construction] will note that his other works are downloadable for free and that donates can be clicked through to Amnesty International.

  5. Out of all of the writers and poets in the Collection, I have had the pleasure of meeting 3:

    One of them is Mark Henderson. He's always ready to help, and his contribution to '52:loves', a short story, is a nostalgic tale set on Valentine's Day.