November 24, 2009

Yolanda Christian

April 2016
Good news!
Click on the cover to find out more about 'The Girl in Peckham & Kowloon'

The Girl in Peckham & Kowloon:
My journey through China left a lasting impression and helped me write my novel . . . plus 5 years of research, and assessment by The Literary Consultancy. 

Familias Macaenses:
Genealogist Dr. Jorge Forjaz is revising his volumes. They're about the families of Macau in south China. I'm pleased to say my forebears found their way into them.

Kowloon, Hong Kong, Macau / identity:
After the War, my mother married a Brit. Her life was one big mystery. I had to make up my own past. I had to go to China.
In fact, Hong Kong is an island, Macau involves a journey by sea, and Kowloon is a part of mainland China. I'd gaze at my map and add notes like, 'Nine Dragon Hills'. I’d imagine pink-nosed dolphins tapping on sampans.
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'Case Summary & Skeleton argument: for the ordinary person' is not fiction. It's a 137-page legal book to help the ordinary person in the UK county court. Curious? Click here for more detail . . . 

Each month, I'll post an instalment of my latest novel, a court room drama unfolding in Bow County Court . . . Debalno prepares for the next appearance in court. Comment on my progress here?

52LOVES: The excellent paperback of 29 authors from a round the world is no longer available. Read some of our reviews here.

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