November 24, 2009

Yolanda Christian

February 2016___________

Guess what?
David TK Wong, a guest writer in '52LOVES' . . . the first volume of his memoir, 'ADRIFT: my Childhood in Colonial Singapore', has been shortlisted for The Book of Lunar Year Award. Brilliant. David, you must be delighted.

The Girl in Peckham & Kowloon:
My journey through China left a lasting impression and helped me write my first novel, 'The Girl in Peckham & Kowloon'. A paperback version will be out soon . . . It all takes time, needs to gestate. The original draft was long listed by Mslexia.

Genealogist Dr. Jorge Forjaz is revising his volumes, 'Familias Macaenses'. The volumes are about the families of Macau in south China. I'm pleased to say my forebears and I found our way into the series. 

Each month I'll post an instalment of my latest novel, a court room drama unfolding in Bow County Court. You wouldn't believe what Debalno goes through. 
    Care to comment on my progress here?


Gerard Guix of Spain, a guest writer and a prolific novelist and playwright, [we're talking about tireless and intrepid here] puts our paperback at the top of the pile. You can find Gerard on Facebook or tweet him on @GGuix.

The excellent paperback / ebook is a LIMITED EDITION and can be purchased by clicking on the cover design. It contains short stories and poems by authors from Angola, Australia, Bermuda, China, France, Germany, [Guyana], India, Ireland, Malaysia, Spain, the UK and the USA.

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