The Yellow Door Series

The Yellow Door Series is designed to help ordinary people in the UK county court, who do not have legal representation.

How to compile a Trial Bundle, what to do when the other party sabotages the Trial Bundle, and what to do when the other party won't give you a copy!

The ebook contains 35 pages packed with information, detail, the CPR and photographs. It is free on Kindle Unlimited via Amazon. However, if you message me on Facebook, you will receive a designed version that gives a pleasanter read than the Kindle ebook. Otherwise it costs 99p on Amazon. 
You'll find example[s] of a real trial.

The paperback contains 138 pages packed with information, detail, scans and photographs. It costs £6 here

The ebook contains slightly less detail and is not as easy to reference due to scans etc. It's best viewed on a computer or laptop and can be found on Amazon here for £2.10p!
NB: the paperback is a more efficient and enjoyable read.

You'll find excellent examples of real case summaries and skeleton arguments, together with a template for the skeleton argument. And to lessen the stress, I've added emoticons to the paperback version!